Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Five Cool Things Made in Canada

When you think of Canada, you might just conjure up images of maple syrup, beer, and hockey. In honor of my family and friends north of the U.S. border, here are five awesome Canadian-made things that may surprise you:

1. NARS Larger than Life Lip Gloss in Como*. I generally prefer a lipstick to a gloss. This lip gloss, however, I adore. I discovered it while trying to find the perfect means to rosy lips. I like the short brush and the formula is comfortable. Hydrating, glossy, and a great punch of berry color with a hint of shimmer. I wear it by itself or over a lip pencil (like in the photo above).

2. Hilary Druxman Double-Layer Aquamarine Necklace. Years ago, I lost a Hilary Druxman sterling silver necklace that had been a favorite of mine on my way to a Union Square bar. In my search for the replacement, I discovered this beauty. This rough-cut aquamarine and sterling silver necklace has been on my wish list for years. Maybe this year, Santa?

3. Diamancel Diamond Foot File #11* -- I discovered these after having a pedicure at Bliss Spa. I made sure to get the name before leaving. Although this is more expensive than most foot files I've had, it's also more effective. This diamond-infused buffer helps makes my rough, dry, callused heels sandal-ready. Washable.

4. Littledeer Cooking Utensils*. I seriously go bananas over well-designed kitchen items. These wooden cooking utensils, designed by John Littledeer, are made from North American maple. Tongs, spreaders, scoops, spoons, and paddles, all gorgeously handcrafted. What's unique about these is that they come in left-handed and right-handed versions. Shut up.

5. American Apparel Cable Knit Button Canadian Sweater. I love cable knit sweaters. I have more than I care to admit. These unisex wool cardigans, made by the Canadian Sweater Company, are just my cup of tea. Hand-knit, two front pockets, beefy collar, vintage-style buttons, leather details, and a classic pattern. Available in light and dark grey.

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  1. Yay Canada! I didn't realize NARS products were made in Canada. Good to know. My old beloved Cetaphil is also made in Canada.


    1. Heidi, not all. Their lipsticks, in general, are made in the USA. But some of the other lip products are made in Canada, Italy, etc.

  2. I did not know about any of these!

    xx Kelly
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