Tuesday, July 1, 2014

American-Made Tuesday Links

Some news from the Made in America Movement over the past few weeks: Motorola's decision to stop assembling the Moto X in the US, $500K fines for violating the Buy American Act, Walmart's struggles to meet its promise for US-made items, robotics' role in American manufacturing, American Apparel boots its founder for misconduct, Obama thinks 'Made in America' is the new DIY and the brand is stronger than ever, American-made cast iron cookware's popularity, the New Jersey bill to mandate the purchase of American-made products, Mercedes' made-in-USA milestone, American rum (America's first spirit of choice) from craft distilleries, how American manufacturing is struggling to get a foothold... except in Brooklyn, and others believe it's going to make a comeback.

"... the US is the best place to locate, the best place to invest, and the best place to hire." -- President Obama

Here are 20 21 articles and videos you need to see if you haven't already:
  1. From the Atlantic (04/21/2014): "America's Coming Manufacturing Revolution"
  2. From CNBC (05/28/2014): "American manufacturing jobs are growing here ... in Brooklyn"
  3. From the Wall Street Journal's MarketWatch (05/30/2014): "Google's Motorola Mobility to close Texas plant"
  4. From the Wall Street Journal (06/01/2014): "Why U.S. Manufacturing Is Poised for a Comeback (Maybe)"
  5. From Huffington Post (06/04/2014): "Walmart Is Having A Hard Time Sticking To Its 'Made In America' Promise"
  6. From Delaware Online (06/07/2014): "We need a new emphasis on manufacturing in America" -- OpEd from Rep. John Carney (D-Delaware)
  7. From Fast Company (06/10/2014): "3 Ways To Compete As A “Made In America” Brand" -- from Bills Khakis founder and CEO Bill Thomas
  8. From the NJ Star-Ledger (06/12/2014): "Approved NJ Senate bills call for agencies to buy American products
  9. From the National Law Review (06/13/2014): "Contractor Pays $500,000 for Not Buying American"
  10. From the White House blog (06/18/2014): "President Obama at the White House Maker Faire: "Today’s D.I.Y. Is Tomorrow’s 'Made in America'”"
  11. From the Business Standard (06/19/2014): "'Made in America' brand stronger than ever: Obama
  12. From Manufacturing.net (06/19/2014): "Mercedes Workers Celebrate 'Made In USA' Milestone
  13. From BusinessWeek (06/19/2014): "American Apparel Dismisses Founder Charney as CEO for Misconduct
  14. From the Wall Street Journal (06/25/2014): "Bringing Jobs Back to U.S. Is Bruising Task"
  15. From the NY Post (06/28/2014): "Made-in Brooklyn brands see major boom"
  16. From Huffington Post (06/28/2014): "Rum, White and Blue: American Rums for July 4th"-- including Owney's, one of my favorite rums made right here in NYC
  17. From USA Today (06/29/2014): "'Made in America' not easy for retailers to deliver on"
  18. From the Herald News (06/29/2014): "Guest Opinion: Re-establish U.S. as a global manufacturing epicenter" -- OpEd from Rep. Tom Reed (R-New York) and Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Massachusetts)
  19. From Girls of a Certain Age (06/30/2014): "Made in America: The Girls of a Certain Age list" -- from one of my fave style blogs, former Lucky magazine founder Kim France has a great list of American-made brands she likes. 
  20. From NBC News (06/30/2014): "Cast Iron Skillet’s Popularity Soars" [video] -- a look at Lodge cast iron's success
  21. From Rachael Joy (06/30/2014): "America: Made in China" [video] -- about Rachael's mission to buy American-made products for a year
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