Friday, July 25, 2014

American-Made Friday Links

Some recent news in the world of American-made: kitchen items, bike helmets, stuff for kids and babies, Brooklyn, Chicago, the American salmon fallacy, a tour of a NYC Garment District sewing studio, an LA shop with made-in-America items for guys, why iPhone will not be part of American manufacturing, fake 'Made in USA' labels (yep, apparently it's a thing), the FTC getting strict on those labels, the most 'American' companies, and more.

Here are 16 articles and videos you need to see if you haven't already:
  1. From NPR (07/01/2014): "'The Great Fish Swap': How America Is Downgrading Its Seafood Supply" [+ audio]
  2. From Stoller Traffic (07/01/2014): "Our American Idols: Made-in-the-USA brands we love"-- American-made brands for kids and babies
  3. From Rebecca Atwood Designs (07/03/2014): "Local Production: Sewing" -- a peek into the sewing studio in NYC's Garment District.
  4. From Chicago Inno (07/04/2014): "Made in America, Designed in Chicago: The 10 Best" -- 10 stores and brands from Chicago
  5. From Crain's NY (07/07/2014): "Coalition wants mayor to protect industrial zones
  6. From Fortune magazine (07/07/2014): "13 Most American Companies
  7. From Huffington Post (07/11/2014): "Rebuilding American Manufacturing Powerhouse
  8. From Racked LA (07/11/2014): "This New USA-Made Shop in Venice is a Total Man Cave" -- on the opening of a new store in Venice, CA featuring only American-made items for men: Charlie's LA
  9. From Dominican Today (07/14/2014): "Dominican garment-makers warn of fake ‘Made in USA’ labels"
  10. From Cooking Light (07/18/2014): "5 on Friday: 5 American-Made Products You Need Right Now" -- great finds from the Simmer and Boil blog
  11. From Forbes (07/18/2014): "100,000 Reasons Why Apple's iPhone 6 Won't Be US Manufactured
  12. From Wall St. Journal blog (07/18/2014): "American Made, One Part at a Time" -- re: Bell Helmets positioning themselves to reshore some of their production
  13. From Epoch Times (07/19/2014): "The Garment District, Brooklyn Style" -- with mentions of Manufacture New York and Maker's Row
  14. From Girls of a Certain Age (07/21/2014): "Made in America: The Girls of a Certain Age List Part II" -- another great list from Kim France, with a nod to The American-Made Guide to Life and The American Edit
  15. From Daily Finance (07/21/2014): "The Momentum Is With American Manufacturing Again
  16. From Consumerist (07/22/2014): "You Can’t Sell “Made In The USA” Seals Without Checking That Products Live Up To That Label
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  1. Hey girl! Just saw your comment on Cupcakes and Cashmere and wanted to check out your blog! I absolutely love it! Especially the articles in this post! xo Hayley from

  2. Oh these are sooo good! Hope you're having a terrific week!

    Emily, you always inspire me but especially with today's post. I think everyone's first reaction is too distant themselves from the people who are sick or people who are dealing with a lot because we usually don't know what to do/say. I have a friend who is going through quite a bit, and I think a little care package for her would be exactly what she needs. Sometimes those thing speaks louder than words.

    Thank you!
    Kristin xx

    1. Kristin, thanks. Not sure why your response to Emily posted here but oh well.

  3. Wow, how'd you find all of these great articles!? I'm impressed! Nice to see continuing coverage of Made in USA.