Monday, November 10, 2014

Made-in-USA in a Box: Founded 1776

Today's post is another from my friend, Xochil. She's got a killer fashion sense and is deeply committed to American clothing manufacturing, especially in her hometown of Chicago. She has some great insight as an insider in the fashion industry and will likely be contributing every now and then. 

Here's her review of the Made-in-USA subscription boxes from Founded 1776 where everything, right down to the packaging, is American-made. 

I love getting packages in the mail, and subscription boxes feed that love of surprises and trying out new products and companies. I’ve tried the Birchbox, Ipsy and Fab Fit Fun. Recently I found out about a Made-in-the-USA box called Founded 1776. It happened to be just a couple of days before the release of their 2nd curated box, “The Paul Bunyan,” so I placed my order, and my box arrived within days. Here's what was inside:

"The Paul Bunyan" Box included a knit hat by Topo Designs, a pack of Field Notes that feature sustainably produced Cherry wood, a fun nature park patch by Mokuyobi Threads, and a temporary tattoo by Tattly. The box was even wrapped using American-made paper, a fun lumberjack plaid print by Norman’s Printery

This was a fun box to receive, as the only company I was previously familiar with was Field Notes. Always the note taker (I think I get it from my dad, who carries a small notepad in his shirt pocket daily), I’ve already gotten to use my Field Notes a lot. I love that the small size will even fit into an evening clutch, so I used it during Fashion Focus Chicago week to jot down things while I didn’t have my regular purse on me. And now that the weather is turning colder, I’ve sported the Topo Designs hat a few times too. Reviewing the company’s other offerings on their website, this will definitely be on my list for Christmas shopping.

For the price of $33, I think this Founded 1776 subscription box was very worthwhile. It would also make a fun gift. Both this box and their previous box, “Sweet Freedom” are available for purchase on their website. You can also buy a subscription for the next 2 boxes. I will be checking out their third installment, set to be released January 3rd, 2015.

Thanks, Xochil. Love the American Made Matters tags.

Xochil Herrera Scheer works as the Product Development Manager at The Apparel Agency in Chicago. She is very interested in all aspects of the development and manufacturing process, and is passionate about companies and products Made in USA. Xochil is an active member of the local fashion community, and serves on the board of Fashion Group International of Chicago. In her spare time she enjoys reading, sewing, shopping and Instagram-ing.

@xochilurbanswan (Twitter) / @fashionx (Instagram) / +XochilScheer (Google+) /

(Photos courtesy of Xochil, taken with her Moto X phone -- also Made in USA!; Logo from Founded 1776.)


  1. This is so cool! I unfortunately don't live in America so don't have access to this box, but I think this is the future! Fairly made products coming in subscription boxes! Yess!!!

    1. It's a great idea. Maybe they'll be expanding their shipping options if they get more demand.