Tuesday, October 21, 2014

American-Made Tuesday Links

Jeans for men, jeans for women farmers, Woolrich's new store (yipee!), Target's new American-made collaboration, NYC's hidden factories, made in Detroit, more things grown in New York, keeping the Fiesta line alive, light bulbs made in the USA, the US-made sweatshirt with a cult following, fashion for the guys that's inspired by motorcycle culture, custom New Balance, and the 2014 winners of the Martha Stewart American Made contest.

Here are 14 articles, audio, and videos you need to see if you haven't already:

  1. From A Bullseye View (09/25/2014): "Look Book Reveal: Target Announces Exclusive Collection with Faribault" +[video]
  2. From Hypebeast (09/25/2014): "Woolrich NYC Store Opening"
  3. From Fortune (09/30/2014): "American Giant has the sweatshirt market zipped up" [video]
  4. From Ecouterre (10/03/2014): "Flint and Tinder’s American-Made Jeans Are Changing the Denim Game
  5. From AM NewYork (10/09/2014): "Made in NYC: Hidden factories still manufacturing products in the city
  6. From ABC News (10/10/2014): "America Back to Manufacturing Light Bulbs Here at Home" [video]
  7. From Whiskey Grade (10/10/2014): "The Cut-Rate – Motorcycle Culture" -- great photos
  8. From Grist (10/13/2014) "Today, 'Made in Detroit' is a label in search of a story"
  9. From the Poughkeepsie Journal (10/14/2014): "Cuomo seeks to expand grown-in-N.Y. food initiative"
  10. From Modern Farmer (10/14/2014): "These Jeans Were Made for Weeding: Workwear for Female Farmers"
  11. From A Continuous Lean (10/16/2014): "One of One | Custom New Balance 990s"
  12. From NPR (10/16/2014): "W.Va. Pottery Company Keeps Popular Fiesta Line Thriving" [+audio]
  13. From Martha Stewart American Made (10/17/2014): "Award Winners" -- award winners for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made contest
  14. From Martha Stewart American Made (10/17/2014): "Join Us for the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Summit"-- info on how to buy tickets for the Martha Stewart American Made Summit on Nov. 7 and 8. 
Thanks to my mom for her contribution to the above. XOXO
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