Sunday, May 18, 2014

American-Made Sunday Links

Some news from the Made in America Movement over the past few weeks: U.S. steel, cars, electric buses, solar panels on the White House, 'Made in USA' labeling, what American manufacturing really looks like, Chinese consumers, U.S. production costs, a new store where everything is made in the USA, the Made-in-USA revival fallacy, the White House's message to the U.S. Spanish speakers, and more.

Here are 15 articles and videos you need to see if you haven't already:

  1. From Specialty Design and Manufacturing (10/2013): "Why America’s Skills Gap Matters to YOU" + infographic
  2. From Manufacturing Innovation Blog (04/02/2014): "INFOGRAPHIC – What Manufacturing Really Looks Like: Celebrating Manufacturing Day"
  3. From National Retail Federation (04/05/2014): "Report Says Imports are More ‘Made in America’ Than Label Reveals"
  4. From CNN Money (04/21/2014): "Rebirth of America's dead factories" (photos)
  5. From Bloomberg BusinessWeek (04/23/2014): "An Apparel-Making Revival? This 'Made in USA' Story Doesn't Hold Up"
  6. From the LA Times (04/25/2014): "U.S. manufacturing: U.S. production costs catching up with China"
  7. From the NY Times Magazine (04/30/2014): "Site to Be Seen | A Store Where Everything is Made in the U.S." about the MiA Project
  8. From Environment News Service (04/29/2014): "Obama Checks Out Manila’s New Made-in-USA Electric Minibuses"
  9. From (05/07/2014): "For Port Authority projects, Sweeney wants steel 'made in USA'"
  10. From Apparel News (05/08/2014): "Brand Building on Made in America Foundation"
  11. From the Washington Post (05/09/2014): "Solar panels here to stay atop White House roof" [+ video]
  12. From Fox Business (05/12/2014): "The Most American-Made Cars of 2014"
  13. From NBC News (05/12/2014): "'Made in USA' Export Gospel Spreads to Small Businesses"
  14. From CNBC (05/14/2014): "What do online consumers in China want? Quality 'Made in USA'"
  15. From the White House (05/17/2014): "Invirtiendo en los Estados Unidos/Investing in America" [weekly address video, in Spanish]

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