Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Patton Shirt

Another great guest post from my husband, Dan. Bullet Blues sent him this shirt for review.

It's been ridiculously cold in the Northeast this year, so I've been in favor of layering. One of my standbys every winter is a casual button-down shirt. This year, I checked out a shirt from Bullet Blues, a Florida-based company known for their denim. In addition to their completely American-made jeans, they offer belts and shirts for guys.

I was given one of their December Patton shirts to try. Admittedly, this particular pattern isn't something I would have picked for myself.  The November (plaid) and January (pinstripe) versions are probably more my speed. After looking at it a couple times, though, it grew on me. There's dimension to the pattern that you don't quite get when looking at images online.

There is a nice feel to the shirt. Unlike a chintzy $20.00 shirt, the quality of material is apparent from the start. The fit is great. Being a tall guy, I often find that XLs fit like a lamp shade. Not the case here. There are two pleated front pockets, if you like keeping stuff there. There is also a little versatility to the material. The shirt doesn't smother you, so it doesn't have to be 20 degrees to appreciate it. I wore it on a recent trip to South Carolina and walked around in 60-degree weather, no problems.

This is a quality buy across the board.

P.S. Check out the Bullet Blues skinny jeans for women.

Thanks, Dan and Isabelle.

(Photo courtesy of Bullet Blues Custom Apparel.)